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If you started thinking about replacing your windows, doors, or siding, you can’t open a newspaper, or search the internet, without running into an advertisement from a company offering something for “FREE”. In researching this further the more popular offers that came up consistently were “FREE financing for___ Months”, “Buy one get one FREE”, “FREE Installation”, “Buy now and receive a FREE gift card”.  Now as a shopper I like a deal like anyone else but these offers just beg the question “Is it really FREE?”

Most companies cannot survive without a well thought out marketing plan. Hopefully, most of us know by now advertising is aimed at getting you, the customer, to ultimately make a purchase. But some of the ad’s now a days seem a little farfetched for me, and quite frankly an insult to our intelligence.  This article is aimed at reviewing realities of the “FREE” promotions, and claims, with the hope of stirring some thought before responding to an offer that seems too good to be true. And if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. To be fair, there are some real promotions out there that are good buys but they normally don’t come from an ad that makes outlandish claims to save you thousands.

Here are some examples of other advertising offers I came across that made me stop and think:
Buy 2 windows and save $400, buy 6 windows and save $2000.
Save up to$150 per window and $300 on sliding Patio Door.
$100 off per window and $200 off per entry door.
Buy one window and get the second window for $1.
$100 off per window and $200 off per entry door.
$150 per window and $300 on sliding Patio Door.
Free installation
As low as $99 down and $99 per month. 
Premiums as low as $8 per window 60 month financing. (What?)

There are some basics we need to work from here. Number one, it costs money to be in business, provide quality products and services, maintain the required insurances, bonds and licenses, and pay quality installers to perform the work on your home, and of course advertising costs (to name a few).   Number two, you can’t get around item number one. So, Is It Really Free? Can it really be FREE? Logically, there is an obvious problem, if you’re buying one window and getting the second window FREE, who is paying for the second window? Is the manufacturer giving away FREE windows? Wholesale window fabricators operate in a highly competitive environment and have to keep a tight rein on their cost to stay in business, so this theory is not likely.  Is the remodeling company making the offer just buying windows and giving them away for free? If so, be careful, the company is ultimately going to be operating in the red and on its way out of business, which means no warranty or service for you.  The thought that the remodeling company you are working with is really giving away free windows is contradictory to one of the reasons to be in business in the first place, to make a profit. For this reason, this theory is unlikely. So the only logical conclusion has to be the cost of that FREE window has to somehow be incorporated in the final price of the job. Not to suggest anything under handed mind you, but this could be accomplished by increasing the price of the other windows on the job to cover the cost of the FREE window. It could also be done with some cleverly place surcharge mixed in to the proposal. Unfortunately, however the cost of the free window is recovered, that means only one thing, It isn’t FREE.

I am also curious about offer that promote”MONEY OFF”. The one thing the ads are not telling you is “OFF OF WHAT?”, list price, everyday low price, suggested retail price? (Humm)

Some special consideration should be given to the “FREE INSTALLATION”.  Free installation is an interesting idea but does that mean they are not paying their installers for putting in your windows? I don’t think I would want an unpaid crew working on my home.

Then there is financing. Financing is a popular way to pay for expensive remodeling to your home. Not many of us can reach into our check books and write a $10,000 or $20,000 check for a remodeling project. So it makes sense to take advantage of no interest financing, but whether you want to know it or not, there is a cost to no interest financing.  But here are some offers (listed above) that seem a little low for a reasonable payoff period for window replacement project.

At $99 down and $99 per month that will cover $1287 the first year and $1188 per year after that. How many years do you want to pay for this remodel? The second offer has me a bit baffled. At $8 per month with 60 months financing that covers $480 of the cost of the remodel. How much is this project?   The math just doesn’t seem to work out. The best advice I can give you is, if it doesn’t add up BUYER BEWARE.

In Summary, outrageous advertising has been around for a long time and looks like it will continue to be. My hope is that I stirred some thought, causing you to use common sense when evaluating whether the offer you are considering is real of just displayed to get you to make that call. The age old rules apply when choosing a company to work on your home. Find a reputable dealer who has a lot to lose by not treating you right, with a strong reputation, has some longevity in the business, can provide evidence of insurance and referrals, and you will find, for the most part, you will be treated fairly, and ultimately get the job you want for your home. The old saying holds true: “The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of a low price”.

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