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Most people are relatively familiar with both vinyl and wood windows, but not so many folks know about fiberglass windows. They’ve been on the market for about 20 years, but you don’t see a lot about them in the mainstream.

In this blog, we are going to go over everything you need to know about fiberglass windows, from the benefits, cost, maintenance, where to buy them, and more.

What Are The Benefits of Fiberglass Windows?

Durability and Strength

a side of a house with 3 storm windows

In comparison to other window materials, one of the main benefits of this type of window is the strength of fiberglass. Fiberglass is the same kind of material used to make boats and auto bodies. In fact, the fiberglass used to manufacture these windows has been tested to be as strong as steel and requires diamond-tipped blades to cut the material.

Wide Range of Styles

a big bay window in a living room of a house in Chicago

Fiberglass windows come in a wide range of styles. They are available in many more options than vinyl and are able to be painted and stained, unlike vinyl windows. If you want to change the style of your windows down the road, fiberglass frames allow for that flexibility.

Energy Efficiency

a siding window in the living room with a view of the backyard

Fiberglass windows are extremely energy-efficient. They are known for their excellent insulation properties, which can help maintain a consistent temperature inside your home, reducing the need for heating and cooling. Fiberglass window materials are resistant to cold and humid air and will provide you with long-term performance in extreme weather conditions. Fiberglass expands and contracts at basically the same rate as glass, which means low rates of seal failure due to changing weather conditions.


a large 1 floor house with consistent brown siding

When it comes to security, fiberglass windows don’t mess around. Their strength is a natural deterrent to intruders. Plus, with various hardware finishes and glass options like tempered and obscure, you can enhance your home’s security without sacrificing style.

How Are Fiberglass Windows Made?

Fiberglass windows are crafted using a process called pultrusion. In this method, strands of glass are pulled through and coated in a resin mixture. The coated glass fibers are then pulled through a heated die, where they take on the shape of the window frame. As the window material cools, it hardens into a solid. This process results in windows that are strong, lightweight, and resistant to warping and corrosion.

Fiberglass Windows vs Vinyl Windows

When it comes to choosing between vinyl and fiberglass windows, it really boils down to what you value most in your windows. Fiberglass windows are the right choice if you want strength and durability.

Fiberglass window frames are also much more customizable. You can paint and stain them to match any style or mood you’re in. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are more like a “what you see is what you get” deal. They come in a limited range of colors, and once you choose, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

In terms of cost, fiberglass frames sit comfortably in the middle of the price spectrum, not too cheap and not too pricey. However, vinyl windows are typically cheaper.

If you’re looking for a window that is durable, energy-efficient, has style flexibility, and don’t mind spending a bit more, fiberglass is the way to go. But if you’re watching your budget and can live with fewer color choices, vinyl windows are also a great choice.

How Long Do Fiberglass Windows Last?

a bow window with a view of the backyard

Thanks to their durable material, a fiberglass window can last for decades, even in the toughest conditions. Plus, at Evergreen Door and Window, we offer multiple different types of warranties so that you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

How Much Do Fiberglass Windows Cost?

The cost of fiberglass windows can vary depending on size, style, and customization options. Compared to other window materials, they’re a mid-priced option, falling in between vinyl and wood windows. If you are interested in purchasing fiberglass windows, reach out to us to get a quote or to learn more.

How Do You Clean Fiberglass Windows?

an external view of a bow window from the front of the house

Keeping a fiberglass window clean is super simple. All you need is a mix of mild soap and water that will do the trick for the frames. For the glass, your usual glass cleaner will keep them sparkling. Just remember to avoid abrasive cleaners to keep your windows looking their best.

Do Fiberglass Windows Help to Reduce Noise?

Fiberglass window frames are definitely a good choice if you are worried about outdoor noise. The material’s inherent strength and durability allow for tighter seals and better insulation, which can effectively block out external noise.

One of our manufacturers, Marvin’s Integrity, offers a special sound abatement package that can be useful if you live near a highway, airport, train line, or other noisy areas. Each also offers limited lifetime transferable material and manufacturing warranties.

Are Fiberglass Windows Worth It?

While fiberglass windows might come with a higher price tag than vinyl, they offer a unique blend of strength, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for windows that can adapt to your style changes and withstand the test of time, a fiberglass window is definitely worth considering.

Where Can I Buy Fiberglass Windows?

At Evergreen Door and Window, we work with Marvin’s Integrity line and Pella’s Impervia. Both of these manufacturers offer a variety of factory-painted exterior colors with white interiors, which can be painted.

Browse our collection of fiberglass windows, or contact us to learn more! We also have a showroom located at 3800 West 95th Street, Evergreen Park, IL, and would love to help you find the perfect windows in person.