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a vinyl double hung windowWhen you are planning to replace the windows in your home, you are probably thinking first and foremost about energy efficiency. And, that is an excellent starting point. However, you should also give serious consideration to the “look” you want for your new windows. Like updating your personal wardrobe, changing the style and/or color of your windows can have a dramatic impact on the impression your home leaves. So, when you start planning your renovation, think about what impression you wish to make.

There is no simple answer to what is the right window for a home. The right choice for you may not be right for someone else. So, rather than trying to give you cut and dried answers, over the next few days, we are going to provide an overview of the three most popular types of windows for this region – vinyl, wood, and fiberglass – to help you find the right answer for you. a wooden double hung windowWe’ll be using information provided by some of Evergreen Door & Window’s most popular manufacturers in each category – Simonton (Reflections), Sunrise, and Great Lakes (Seabrooke) for vinyl, Anderson(400 Series), Pella (Architect Series), and Marvin for wood, and Pella (Impervia) and Marvin (Integrity)for fiberglass – to give you some basic information about standard features and options available for each type. At the end of our exploration, we will provide a summary of all three window materials to help you find the best match for your particular needs.

a white fiberglass double hung windowWe hope you will find this information helpful in your search for the right window. Please feel free to ask specific questions, either by posting your question at the end of each posting, or by contacting Evergreen Door & Window via email: or by phone at (708)423-1720.

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