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We all hear the ad’s promoting the benefits of buying new replacement windows such as “maintenance free” and “save on energy bills”, but is that all you can expect from your investment? As a replacement window customer I am here to tell you there is more to look forward to from replacing your windows. Improved Appearance and Value, Convenience, Privacy, Sun Control, Sound Control, Ventilation, reduced Maintenance, and of course improved Insulation, are just a few.

Who doesn’t want to improve the look and beauty of their home? It is amazing the impact new windows have on the look of a home. No more faded color or peeling paint showing up around the old windows. The clean look of new windows, with aluminum capping around the exterior wood for that finishing touch, revitalizes the look of the home. Window replacement is also an opportunity to bring a change of color and style to the home. For example, upgrading that front window to a bay or bow window can make an amazing impact on the look both inside and outside of your home.

a vinyl window on the side of a house

Replacing windows in your home adds real value to your property. Statisticians in the home improvement and real estate industry have provided some amazing numbers on the return on investment from replacing the windows and doors in your home. And for those of you that are looking to sell your home, new windows and doors are top selling points to home buyers.

New windows are easier to operate than the old windows, adding convenience to the list of benefits. As mentioned earlier, new replacement windows eliminate the need for storm windows, so wrestling with that extra set of windows just to let some air in the home is over. Even glass repair is covered by many warranties and eliminates chasing down a glass company to make a repair if a glass gets broken. Most glass repairs for new windows are just a matter of getting a replacement sash from the manufacturer and can be changed by the home owner (picture windows and fixed casements excluded). Also, most new casement windows come with multi-locking fold down hardware, which lock the entire window unit from one handle, and won’t get in the way of window treatments.

To many people, Privacy is very important and with raise and lower blinds and shades showing up in most window lines, you can control this element of your home right from your new windows. No more hunting down blinds or shades at the home center or hiring a blind and shade company to make and install new window treatments. Tinted glass is also available to provide a lower level of privacy control if blinds and shades are not what you are looking for.

Sun Control can make a big difference in the comfort of your home. The east side of our home gets hit hard by the morning sun. So much so that it would wake our teenage daughter much earlier than she would have liked (on school days this was a blessing). After much complaining we agreed to install interior blinds to help. It reduced the sunlight but didn’t do much for the heat. This all changed when we replaced our windows with a special high performance glass. It really did the job of reducing the heat and reducing our air conditioning bill during those hot summer days. You can certainly take this a step further by adding Blinds and shades, offered in many window lines, giving you full control over how much light comes into the room.

Most people don’t think of the benefit of sound control when purchasing new windows, but are pleasantly surprised at how much quieter their homes are after having new insulated windows installed. Certainly, reducing the noise level in a home adds to an improved quality of life, providing a more peaceful environment to live.

Easy ventilation can make a big difference in home comfort. For those who struggle with windows that are painted shut or broken hardware has caused the window to be stuck closed, imagine how much you will enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to open your windows whenever you want. I can’t imagine living with windows that don’t open.

Reducing maintenance around my home is really important to me. With little time to keep up with what it takes to maintain home, new windows are a welcome addition. Just the cleaning aspect of new windows alone is worth the price of admission. No more struggling to clean the storm windows and then trying to figure out how to clean the outside of the primary windows without dangling from a ladder or climbing out on the roof with the Windex. Then, there is the fun of trying to get all the streaks off either the storm window or the interior window. New windows eliminate the need for storm windows so cleaning one window versus two per opening cuts cleaning time down significantly. The tilt in feature of most products eliminates the death defying feat of cleaning windows from a ladder. All the cleaning is done from the inside of your home. If cleaning windows is really not your thing, you can take advantage of some of the new “self cleaning” glass, available from most quality window brands, which can really reduce how often cleaning is necessary. Another chore you won’t miss is scrapping, painting, and staining the interior and exterior of those old windows. Yes, vinyl replacement windows are truly maintenance free.

The benefit of improved insulation value is certainly not to be ignored. Not to get technical but, it has been calculated that an average size windows with an 1/8” gap between the window sash and frame leaks as much as a brick size hole in the wall of your home. Buying the right new windows can increase the efficiency of the window openings in your home by 400%. Having experienced this myself the results are amazing. This high performance glass will also reduce fading of floors and furniture from the sun. In short, you can look forward to a more comfortable home and savings on your energy bills.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on some of the benefits you didn’t know you can expect from investing in new windows for your home. So what are you waiting for? Prices will never be lower than they are now. Evergreen Door & Window can provide the solution so you can start enjoying all the benefits of new windows.