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Over the last 20 years there have been many new products and materials introduced in the market but one remains a proven, and consistently, the most cost effective choice for your remodeling project, Vinyl Replacement Windows. From color choices, warranties, maintenance, performance, and cost, Vinyl Replacement windows add up to one of the best overall values available for replacing your windows. Since there is such a wide range in quality and features in the market place, the products used to support the information presented here are Simonton, Sunrise, and Great Lakes Windows. These brands have a proven track record for consistently providing a high level of quality while remaining on the cutting edge of the latest technology.
Vinyl is actually one of the most ideal materials for a building product. It is non-conductive, impervious to the elements, the same material used in many of the plumbing pipes in your home. The material can be extruded into a desired shape and thickness, for optimal frame, sash, and sill members. Vinyl windows are custom made as a standard, in many cases made to sizes on the eighth of an inch. This means a truly custom fit to your home.
One of the strongest features of vinyl windows is they are maintenance free. The vinyl material is not affected by the typical moisture, cold, or heat found in a home. There is no painting or staining required to maintain the product like you would find with wood windows.
Vinyl Windows are also protected by the strongest warranties in the industry. Lifetime transferable warranties against rotting, peeling, discoloring, material failure, seal failure, and in some cases glass breakage. In comparison Anderson, Marvin, and Pella windows come with a 20 year warranty against seal failure, and 10years coverage against material failure, with no transferable warranty option. There is certainly a strong advantage here for those that go to sell their homes, and can supply a warranty on the windows in the home to potential buyers.
These three suppliers have kept pace with Performance requirements set by Energy Star and now offer products with U-Values lower than .20 (significantly lower than the Energy requirement of .30 U-Value). Many wood products on the market would find it difficult to match this performance. The affects of these highly efficient products will provide the homeowner with a major step towards improving the energy efficiency of their home, and reducing energy bills.
Over the last 5 years these suppliers have also increased the color options that were not previously available. You can now enhance your home with five interior wood grain options, along with a library of exterior color options (thanks to the latest in exterior paint technology).
So in summary, Vinyl Replacement Windows
• Have a proven track record with years of market performance.
• Are made from an ideal material for maintenance free operation
• Supported with the strongest warranties in the industry,
• Available with latest technology for sub .20 U-Value performance
• Now available in greatly expanded color options.
This presents a strong case for consideration when looking into replacing your windows.
Evergreen Door and Windows showroom has these products on display for your inspection, or call for a free no obligation in home estimate and we will bring the products to you.